Sunday, September 20, 2009

menu plan monday

Like I've mentioned before...many many times before...
I'd really like to simplify my life,
declutter, get organized and just "have it all together".
While I know the last statement will never be true
I can try my best at the first three.

One way that I know from experience that really
makes a difference in the order of this home is menu planning.
If I take the time to plan out the menu for two weeks at once.
Then shop once for the bulk of the items and then get
fresh fruits and veggies alone the second week, I save myself,
time, money and yes, even sanity!

So, in an attempt to be more consistent with the menu planning I'm
going to join over 300 other women who plan their meals and post
about them on their blogs and then link back to I'm an organizing junkie.
Here's my menu for the week...
and yes, I have next weeks done already also and will post it next week.
It's the third week that you'll have to remind me about...

Monday: Chicken Bakes (from Costco) and veggies
Tuesday: Sandwiches or leftovers (just me and the kiddos)
Wednesday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup and homemade bread
Thursday: Meatloaf Pie and veggies
Friday: Crock-pot pulled chicken and veggies (just Greg and the kids for the weekend)
Saturday: Garlic Chicken Skillet Meal
Sunday: Pizza and fruit

Seriously though, you need to go and check out the menu planning, you could plan your menu for a year with all the menu plannin momma's that are linking it up over there! check it out!


Jenna said...

The Loaded Baked Potato soup sounds perfect this time of year. Good luck following your plan this week and next!

Christy said...

I'd love to have the recipe for the Garlic Chicken Skillet!

SnoWhite said...

Looks like a tasty week!

Kristen said...

I agree - I just started menu planning again, and it sure makes a big difference in your budget, time and sanity!

Your week sounds good. I second the motion, I'd love to see the garlic chicken skillet recipe.