Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I was looking for some ideas for my kiddos in late March so I began the blog hop. I found some great ideas and bookmarked a few sites. I still have the piece of paper in which I wrote down this site. Katherine had everything on her blog that I longed for in real life. (some of which I already have)

Amazing photos. Cute kids. Awesome crafts. Family Fun Night. and the list goes on. So, I kept following her blog and keeping in the loop. Then on May 6th I noticed a comment from Katherine on my "creative" blog. She was suggesting that I use wordpress so I could make my photos really big. That's when the conversations began. Katherine doesn't allow comments on her blog but asks people to email her instead. So I emailed. Imagine my surprise when she emailed back.
We found out we have a common love of Jesus Christ. We found out that we used to live pretty close to each other...until she moved a year after we were in south Texas. We found out that we liked to have conversations with one another (or at least I found out that I liked talking to her...not sure if the feeling was mutual...but it must have been because she kept emailing...right? I'll just keep telling myself that)


In late May as I was going through my devotional book (that I had started in January and should have finished in 6 weeks, but obviously God had other plans for my life). I was reading about the professional life. One thing that the author, Jen, talked about was finding a mentor. I thought that was a great idea.

But who could I ask to be my mentor as far as photography is concerned. I didn't really know any photographers who have been in the business for a while that seemed like they would have time for little ol me. But it just seemed obvious to me. I needed to ask Katherine. The only thing that was holding me back was possible rejection. But I kept telling myself, the worst thing she could say is "no." So, I sent her another email and asked if she would be my mentor. Imagine my surprise and delight when she responded with a resounding "YES".

YAY! I was so excited but I didn't really know what I had gotten myself into. But it has turned out to be an incredible experience and I am so glad that I "got up the nerve" to ask. Katherine has helped me think through things that I didn't even know needed to be thought. She has helped me focus my business more and not just be a "jack of all trades, master of none."

My photography business is important to me, it allows me the creative outlet that I desire and I really love to help people capture memories from their lives. I have a terrible memory (thanks mom) and I know how important photographs are. I treasure my photographs and they would be the first thing I grab if there's ever a fire (after my kids of course). Sometimes the only way I remember a certain time in my life is from the photographs of those events. If I ever participated in a big event but don't have photos from that event I've probably forgotten about it. Sad. I know.

So my focus now for my business is High School Seniors and everything that goes along with weddings...Bridal portraits, engagement sessions, the wedding, Day after session with the bride and groom...all that good stuff. This does not mean that I will never photograph another family or child or sweet little newborn (bring on the newborns, I love them). It just means that I will not be pushing those sessions as much as the seniors and weddings. I will be advertising more for seniors and weddings. Don't get me wrong, right now I need all the business I can get so please, sign up for a session for your family Christmas card...but my passion really lies in photographing seniors and weddings.

Wow. It feels good to say that. When I started the whole mentoring thing with Katherine I was convinced that she wouldn't be able to get me to narrow my focus. I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING...and I sorta still do. But now I know where my true passion for photography lies.
Thanks Katherine!

We've talked on the phone a few times and we hit it off instantly. She feels like an old friend, someone I've known for a long time. She is SOO encouraging to me. She pays me compliments that are so nice to hear from someone other than my mom (but keep em coming mom). You know what I mean right, like family is sorta "obligated" to say nice things about your work...but to hear those things from a "stranger" is a big boost to the ego. Thanks Katherine!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! I will get to meet Katherine in February when she comes to Austin to photograph a client (I'm so excited).

Okay, so I've gone on long enough. I'm just so excited about this mentoring thing that I had to share it with y'all. Go ahead and get yourself a'll learn many things that you didn't even know you needed to know.

Please check out Katherine's blog. You will not be disappointed. She's an amazing mom and photographer. Her kids are SOOO lucky to have the creative, organized, fun mom that they have.

I will have another mentoring post later...but right now I gotta go clean up my kiddos after their yogurt baths...ahem...I mean breakfast.

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Katherine Marie! said...

We've come a long way in short period of time haven't we!!? You are such a "PURE JOY" to all and I am more than elated to offer support to one amazing mother-friend-photographer...

It really is fantastic to see you focus in on your passion and to take your biz to the next level. I'm so excited for what will become of you as an artist and business owner in the upcoming months. You've really put a ton of hard work into growing and developing... I'm so thrilled for you!

It's a privilege to be on this journey with you, my friend!