Thursday, September 10, 2009

a little expensive

Did you see this article?
It seems the San Diego Chargers have a tradition.
The teams rookie first-rounder has to take the whole team out for dinner.

Larry English was the lucky one this year.
And the bill...$14,508.67
If they would have skipped the dinner and
sent me the money we'd be SOOO much closer to getting out of debt.
What I wouldn't have given to be the waitress
an almost $1,900 tip isn't too shabby!

Don't get me started on professional athletes.
It's not somewhere I want to go.
Although Greg and I both decided that if
Albert Pujols would just give us his paychecks
from two measly games (maybe even just one) we'd be out of debt.
Just saying.


Anonymous said...

I think you meant $1,900 for the tip, not $19,000.

Jamie said...

oops! thanks for pointing that out. I changed it!