Thursday, September 17, 2009

less is more

it's official...

my blog count went from 8 that I started and 2 that I contribute on
down to 2 that I will update and 2 more that will stay live for a bit
(and the 2 that I contribute on)!

Yay for downsizing.
The pure joy creative blog was fun.
But why can't I just include all of that on here?
What was I thinking?
I didn't want people to have to see all the boring daily stuff
so I decided to start the "creative" blog...
but what's life without the boring stuff anyway!

So, this is where you'll find me...
I'll keep updating my photography blog too as sessions come.

It feels good to SIMPLIFY and FOCUS!


Heather - - said...

Guess I'm not the only blog over-achiever! :)

Katherine Marie! said...

Awesome!!!!!!!! I can just imagine the creative freedom and amazingness that will follow. Tell me, doesn't it feel good???? :)