Tuesday, September 08, 2009

labor day weekend fun

We had a great weekend with our dear friends
Scott, Kimi, Matthew and JJ!
We love it when they visit...but we don't usually sleep well or much.
This weekend was no exception. But it was totally worth it.
We had a great time hanging out. Talking. Laughing.
Meeting new friends (some friends of Kimi and Scott's that moved down here)
and just being around friends we love.
We had a great time with them and always look forward to their visits!

Only one thing can explain this...Scott and Kimi must be coming over!
Saturday mornings with Naomi and Matthew always involve cartoons.handsome little dude!JJ got a bath in the kitchen sink!We went to the park on Monday morning and had a great time!
I love this photo!High fives!Naomi loves little Matthew!The studly men!
Blury but still cute!You can see photos from the last time they were here and see how much JJ has changed.

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