Wednesday, September 23, 2009

happy fall y'all

Well, the first day of fall has come and gone.
It actually felt like fall here.
It rained most of the day and didn't get much
warmer than like 72 degrees.
The windows were open all day.
That felt amazing.
It seems we've been running the air
non-stop since March.

Today was even better.
It's been only in the high 60's
and is starting to rain again.
Naomi and I busted out some pants
and Micah wore long sleeves. Ahhh
It felt so good.

God is good!
His timing is perfect.
Did you see what I have on the menu for dinner tonight?
Loaded baked potato soup.
It wouldn't have been the same if it was 100 outside.
I've got some bread baking (in the bread machine)
and I can't wait to get started on the soup later.
I better get the soup in now while it's actually fall like.
Now, if only we could do something about the colors...

Tube time update:
Monday the TV was not on while I was home.
Not sure if it was while I went to my moms meeting or not.
Tuesday we did watch Ace of Cakes and a little college volleyball (during commercials)
in the evening before bed. It had been a long day and Greg was in Houston at the Cardinal game.
This morning I did turn on the TV for about 30 mintues so I could shower and get ready
to go to church to celebrate Josh's 30th birthday (photos to come).
So, all in all, I think we're doing really good.
I'm not giving in so easily to Naomi's pleas to watch TV.
Because yes, she does still ask all the time.
And she's getting more creative with what to do to fill her time.
Slowly but surely we'll become freed from the TV monster...
although I will still watch The Biggest Loser dvr'd.

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