Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It was gorgeous outside yesterday.
It wasn't quite 80 and the breeze was actually cool.
We took a nice long walk/run before dinner and Greg got lots accomplished outside.

I got some sewing done yesterday and hope to do some more today.
Naomi is going to the dentist today for the first time!
Greg has a check up so we're taking Naomi with and then she'll get her teeth looked at too.
Let's hope she doesn't freak out! I'm sure she'll be fine!
She wants "sparkly" teeth afterall.

Here's a photo of the kids from when I got home on Sunday.
Naomi loved the little coffee mug I brought her (thanks Shelley!!!).

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BlissfulShelley said...

I am so glad that she likes it! Your post gave me goose-bumps. (I'm weird, I know)