Tuesday, September 29, 2009

garage organization

Let's start this story at the beginning...
A Pastor and his family stayed with us in July.
They then sent us a gift card to Amazon.com
We are grateful!
We couldn't figure out what we could use.
So, we decided to get some magazine subscriptions.
Greg got: ESPN, A golf magazine and a handyman magazine.
I got: Real Simple and Family Fun.
We LOVE our magazines
(but Greg does regret getting ESPN and
would rather have Sports Illustrated)
but you live and learn right?

The first handyman magazine arrived and on the cover was an organized garage.
The stories inside talked about how to make a work bench and other storage shelves.
Greg got excited.
Greg got inspired.
Greg got to work.
He planned and plotted.
He measured and designed.
He cut and he nailed.
He is pretty close to a perfectionist when it comes to these types of things,
so I had no doubt that whatever he decided to do would be great!
He started with the work bench.
He completed it in about three days from start to finish.
Mind you that's only working a couple of hours each day.
It turned out great.
He assures me that not everything is in place yet.
But will be soon.

Next on the list.
Storage shelves for our boxes of Christmas decorations and other things I suppose.
He's also going to let me design some shelving for inside my laundry room!
I cannot wait!
I'd love to be able to actually see what I have to work with
and get at all the things for the projects that Naomi and I do organized.
I love being organized...just don't always have a place to put everything.

Soon, I will.
Now remember these are photos of our GARAGE...
don't let the mess scare you!
The corner before:

The whole back wall after.


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