Tuesday, September 22, 2009

first day of fall and quilt show

For the first day of fall I thought this was only appropriate.
Those of you "up north" please do not tell me about how much you are loving fall,
the football weather,
crisp air,
crunchy leaves,
jeans and sweatshirts,
awesome colors
and all that comes along with fall.
I don't want to know!!!
Unless you send some of it my way!
I realize it's not deep in the heart of fall yet, but when it comes, please don't tell me.
We won't get "fall" till you get winter!

Amy and I went to the quilt show on Saturday.
What an amazing display of time and talent!

I CANNOT even begin to imagine how long some of those quilts took to put together.
I'm probably not supposed to show you pictures of any of the quilts so please forgive me for doing so. But I just HAD to share this one. It made me homesick. Reminded me of the great fall colors, crisp air, and everything that FALL REALLY entails up north. So, enjoy this one photo from the outstanding display of quilts and leave me a comment if you'd like me to email you some of my other favorites. It truly was a fun morning to just browse the quilts and dream about making my own someday.
I have started on a doll quilt for Naomi's birthday. I have all the squares cut out and just need to get sewing. It will be a very basic quilt but I'm excited to do it just for her! Every time I get done sewing she asks me what I made her and more often than not I have to tell her it was for someone else. . . this time it will be for her!!! I promise I'll share when I actually get something done!


Anonymous said...

The leaves are slowly changing, but the weather is still pretty warm...no sweatshirts and jeans yet...still shorts and tank tops. I even took the kids to the beach on Sunday! But I do love fall and this is my favorite season! I know we will be at the pumpkin farm many times in the next 2 months!

Susan Wilke

Kate said...

I would LOVE to see more pictures from the quilt show, Jamie! I desperately long to learn how to quilt but know that I need to spend time working on my jewelry disgns for now and put quilting on hold until I have more time. (Whenever that will be!HAHA!)

Elisa said...

Ha! I have the same fall feelings! We don't get the same fall color down here, but I try to be consoled by the spring wildflowers. :)