Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wouldn't you figure that the one morning we need to be
someplace early, Naomi decides to sleep in.
Greg's appointment was at 8am yesterday.
We took Naomi along so that she could see that
going to the dentist was not a scary thing.

She watched as daddy got his teeth cleaned and
kept asking tons of questions.
Then it was her turn.
She did open her mouth,
but it took a little coaxing.
The hygenist just ended up counting her teeth.
But you gotta start somewhere!
She was so proud of her new toothbrush!
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Wanda came over in the morning so we wouldn't have to wake Micah up.
Again, wouldn't you know it that he slept till 9am.
Why doesn't he do that for me? Okay, to be fair, he does.

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