Monday, September 28, 2009

brown bag lunch

I finally finished the felt food brown bag lunch that I started working on in May!
Can you believe that I let this adorable project take me that long?
I saw the tutorial at Skip to my Lou sometime at the end of March and when I was in Wisconsin at the end of May I made the bag of chips and all the little chips.
Two weeks ago I made the bread and all the fixings and then the little swiss cake roll.
This weekend while at the Pastor's Wives Retreat I got the bread stuffed, sewn up and finished sewing the little cake roll.
Naomi has already taken my order and tried all the food. She loves playing with it all!
You can see some more photos of my felt food here.


Captain Aunt Susan said...

LOVE the brown bag lunch. How long did it take in real time to make?

Jamie said...

...maybe 5 hours? not exactly sure.

Polly said...

These are so cute! Thanks for linking! I like your felt watch too. Great idea.