Saturday, September 19, 2009


Do you have a least favorite time of the day?
I do.
It's not at 7am...
I'm ALMOST learning to like 7am.
I know for many of you 7am to you is like 9am to me.
But we sleep "late" in this house.
Maybe that would change if Greg and I weren't night owls.
But I LOVE being a nightowl.
That's when the creativity strikes.

Okay, back to my question...
My least favorite time of the day doesn't happen EVERYday
but just on the days when Greg has to go back to church for a meeting
or Bible class or for basketball or to a softball game.
I REALLY dislike the time right after dinner until bedtime.
It's ALMOST time for bed...
I'm done.
I'm over it.
I've been going all day and I just want to collapse in my chair and be.
But I've got another hour and sometimes two before the munchkins need to be in bed.
I just don't know what to do.
It's too short of a time to do certain things and to long of a time to do other things.
I've already; colored, read countless books, painted, done laundry, stopped fights, made forts, done puzzles, watched tv, danced, cleaned, and the list goes on.
My activity calendar is filled. done. caput.
I don't want to drag anything out and to spend two hours in the tub is absurd.
(although maybe I should see if they'd like to do that sometime).
Sometimes we just drive around and I call my mom (hi mom).

Anyway, all this to say that I've been trying to
figure out what to do during that time more and more lately.
I'm just at a loss.

Wednesday night we went to JoAnn's so I could get some more fusible webbing for the t-shirt quilt. But the lady working didn't know what it was and I ended up buying the wrong stuff. I needed Bonnie with me because she knows this stuff and helped me buy the right stuff the first time. So, I spent too much money and too much time in that blessed store.

Thursday night I didn't know what to do with the kids so I packed them in the car and drove to church to let them run around the gym for a bit before all the big guys came to play ball. They loved playing with the basketballs and had a great time running free. On the way home from that as we were getting closer to home we noticed how beautiful the sunset was. I drove around trying to find a place to capture the image of the sunset but couldn't find a clear enough place.

As we were driving we came upon the railroad tracks close to our house. I asked Naomi if she wanted to get out and take some photos and of course she obliged. I was excited. The lighting was perfect, she was excited this would be fun! And fun it was. I'm so glad that she was willing to just on a whim be my photo subject. Who am I kidding...she LOVES to have her picture taken... most of the time. But she does have a limit and when that limit is up you better stop. But more often than not she'll do something silly and say, "mom, take a piture of this" (music to a photographers ears). So, I snapped a few shots and then remembered we better get back to Micah in the van and get you two in bed. Otherwise the photoshoot could have really taken off. But, we do have a scheduled three year old photo session next Thursday...I am so excited. But really, how can I have a three year old already?!! Here are a few of my favorites.She was so excited that she could stand on there all by herself.She's ALMOST three!


Kari said...

Am I familiar with those railroad tracks?

Jamie said...

you sure are!!!

Casey said...

Hey James! So, I can completely relate to the "What I can I do entertain you until bed time" of day from weekends of babysitting and such. When I feel that way, I need to get out of the house, as it sounds like you did for the last few nights. Going to a park is my favorite activity. 1) It burns energy 2)It gets me off my bum too 3)I can play some, but also sit back a little bit 4) driving there takes time, as does driving home

Good luck as you figure out what to do and work on your no t.v. challenge. Much Love!