Sunday, August 16, 2009

you should see the other guy...

Micah has a swollen eye...

It all started with a nice laid back dinner at Pastor and Cathy's house on Friday evening.
Then some swimming (or walking around the pool if you're Micah).
A VERY relaxing evening and
just what this little family of four needed.
Then we stood in the driveway to chat a little.
Kiddos all buckled in and ready to go.
I noticed a few mosquitoes hanging around but thought nothing of it.

Until Saturday morning when Micah got up
and his face seemed a little puffy.
No big deal I thought, till after his nap
when it was a little more noticeable.

Fast forward to this morning when he could barely see out of his
left eye because it was so swollen.
I called the pediatrician and she told me not to worry
but to get some benadryl.
He doesn't seem bothered by it one bit.
The benadryl seems to be working.
Right now, his eye is more red than swollen.
But it still looks like he got in fist fight.
I just want to see the other guy...
Sunday morning this is what he looked like (bed head and all).

1 comment:

Holly said...

poor Micah. At least it didn't bother him and I'm sure the benadryl let him take a nice long nap.