Saturday, August 01, 2009


On Thursday morning (the last morning of our vacation) we slept in a little bit...since Micah wasn't in our room this was easier to do because we could keep Naomi quiet and let him sleep a little more. Then we got everything together, got the van packed and headed out. Thank goodness Dana and Doug stuck around to help us out or we still might be there trying to get everything out to the van. We drove to Denton to visit with Eric and Heather and their two sweet girls, Kathryn and Lauryn. The drive wasn't bad at all. Micah slept a little and Naomi was awake the whole time...but really, is that a surprise? no.

We had a great time hanging out with Eric and Heather. We tried to solve all the world's problems but alas were unable to. But really, we had a great time catching up and just being with friends is always nice. We also survived the world's loudest thunder with all four kids sleeping right through it! Awesome! My cousin Adam lives about 25 minutes from Eric and Heather so he was nice enough to drive over to see us...Lisa was with him also. It was so nice to catch up with him for a bit! Here are lots of photos from the last official day of vacation!
Here are some photos of the condo we stayed in. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom on one side...Then on the other side of double doors was another bathroom, living room and kitchen!A view from the balcony. That is the swimming pool we swam in all week!Micah loved to hang out on the balcony and point at all the boats!Our godson Michael...he's laughing because he just farted on us...
Naomi and Kathryn, friends together again!Micah tackles Lauryn with a hug!Nice hair Micah!

Nice hair Naomi!Nice hair Kathryn!Naomi, Jamie, Adam, Lisa, Micah and Greg...we love our family!Naomi and Kathryn had a great time playing outside and swimming!!

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