Wednesday, August 12, 2009

smurf for lunch

When painting with a one year old, don't ever leave the room (even if you have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad). Lesson learned. I don't usually let Micah paint with Naomi and I because he still likes to put everything in his mouth. But today after Naomi's "nap" she asked to paint...and she told me that Micah wanted to paint too. I told her that I do not usually let him paint because he tries to eat the paint and she insisted that he really wanted to paint. Who am I to listen to a two year old, but I did and I let Micah paint with us.

The paper was taped down.
The paint was in the frisbee (that's what we use for our paint trays)
The brush was in his hand.
He was having a blast
And then it hit me (like it so often does, thanks mom :)) I had to use the bathroom.
I left and made it as quick as possible.
But it was not quick enough.
I came back to the room and discovered that Micah ate a smurf (thanks Julie :))
But alas, it was not a smurf but merely his paint. Ugh!
So, I said a firm "NO!"
Then he put the paint in his mouth again.
So, I said an even firmer "NO!!"
And he started to cry.
Of course my camera was at hand, (since I was documenting Micah's second time painting) so I grabbed a few shots of the little sad boy who ate a smurf.
Oh Micah, you'll learn.
Don't worry the paint is non-toxic. I'm pretty sure he'll live.

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