Monday, August 24, 2009


In an effort to simplify my life...
which is going to take lots of time...

one thing I am thinking about doing
is dropping the "creative" blog.
(thanks for the motivation K)
You may have noticed that the
scrapbook blog and the kiddos blogs are gone.

I did not delete the kids blogs just stopped
my links to them. I'm not updating them
but want to have them for the future in case
my kiddos want to join in on the addiction.

I will keep my photography blog...
but what about the creative blog...?
If you read my blog here would it bother you if I posted
craft related items and/or tutorials?
would it save you time from having to go to a different blog?
Or would it just get in the way?

I guess I'm curious why you're here...
maybe you just like to see my cute kids (and I can hardly blame you)
maybe for a little relief in your stress filled day?
maybe to see that you're not alone in this crazy world
and that yes, this mom also lets her kids watch too much TV
and run around naked...

I don't know why you visit (although I'm awfully glad that you do)
so I do not know what you want to see.
Please answer my survery on the right so I can see what
you do want to see more or less of!


I'm working up a little contest so come back in the next few days to join in the fun!


Greg said...

Simplicity and consolidation are a good idea. Most people who check this blog used to learning about your creative projects anyway--I think we almost expect to have an idea of what you're working on, along with all the family updates. But I'm not your "typical" reader.

Greg said...

Sorry, it should read "are used to learning..."

Casey said...

I say simplify it on girlfriend! Put those tutorials here-I love seeing the ideas and if people aren't interested, they will skip over it.