Sunday, August 02, 2009

sewing frenzy

I'm in love with my sewing machine. I'm having so much fun sewing new and old things alike.
My sweet sewing friend Bonnie, had these personalized labels made for me...isn't that the sweetest thing ever? She really helps me stay motivated. She just cannot understand how someone with no training could just make things. Well, I just do. I don't know how or why but for some reason I can just look at something and more or less figure out how to make it. That is not always the case and most of the time I follow a pattern but I just love to teach myself new things and sewing is for sure one of my new favorite hobbies!!!
(no, they aren't blurry, I just did that to protect the innocent!)

Sometimes I make things for presents, Jake just turned 6!sometimes I make things for my house, (curtains for the laundry room) sometimes I make things for my kids
(you know how people used to joke that their clothing looked like it was made from the curtains, well, Naomi can really say that...although it was just fabric and she won't be able to wear this skirt for a couple of years anyway...I made it TOO big).I made her this cute "little Naomi" doll and she loves to carry it around and put it to bed. "Little Micah" is on the "to-do" list. I found the pattern here.It has a little pocket in which I placed a love note for her!and sometimes I make things just for me!
I found this tutorial and figured I'd give it a try...although I will tell you I was greatly intimidated and put it off for months. I'm glad I finally gave it and gave it a try. It was pretty simple and I love it. I'm making the same one for my BFF right now. Although it's on a stack Jules so it may not get to you REAL soon.
I love it. It's small but not TOO small. I can pick the fabric which is a HUGE bonus (I'm not a big "purse" girl but I like what I like) and it's just cute! I'm slowly getting more and more into "cute"!

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Mikaela said...

Ok, so I want to know where you find time for all of this stuff? Do you have your kids locked up in a closet for days :O) I guess you're just way better at multi-tasking. Glad you can do this and are using the gifts God has given you.