Thursday, August 20, 2009


my kids love to play outside...
I don't...
it's hot out there.
I am SOOOO over this 100+ degree weather.
Bring on fall...NOW!!!
Okay, it's not that bad, but seriously my electric bill is the highest it's EVER been.
We can't water but once a week
And I could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk
(which would be a great homeschooling lesson...maybe I should try it)
Anyway, the kids love to play outside
and I let them as much as is humanly possible to endure.

They love to swim and walk around to explore
oh to be a kid again
when nothing else mattered.
I'm learning a lot from these sweet little ones.
Loving summer (even with the above mentioned iritations)
But I REALLY REALLY miss fall and I'm not too excited that
another "fall" will come and go in South Texas without me even noticing.
So, all you Northerners...enjoy the season change...
and send me a box of leaves so the kids and I can jump in them...
just an idea!
Here are some photos of the kiddos in the backyard.

Yes, I know Naomi has crazy hair but when you have .02 seconds to get a photo of both kiddos looking you don't worry about the hair!

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