Monday, August 10, 2009

open for business

My old computer just wasn't cutting it anymore. Talking with Kimi, I realized how desperately I really needed a new computer if I was every going to go anywhere with my business. So, I have been saving for a while and looking at all my options. I started seriously looking for a computer at the end of June and didn't purchase one till the end of July. I really wanted to make a wise investment and make sure I got something good for my money. I found a GREAT deal at Staples and had them put it on hold for me because it was the only one left in stock...and I HAD to get that sale price. I bought a monitor from Best Buy and was ready to go. So, it sat in the living room for about a week on a card table. It worked but obviously wasn't a permanant solution.Then I bought this desk at costco...
And Greg put it together for me on Friday night.

Then we cleaned and re-organized on Saturday... and now this is pretty much what the room looks like. Welcome to the office of JT Photography! I am thrilled with this new set-up and even more thrilled that Greg believes in my ability as a photographer enough to allow me to set up shop in our home. Thanks babe!
I'm not done with my little office corner, need to get some other prints to hang but for now it looks pretty good. Now, lets get some more clients and make this work!


Kari said...

Looks Awesome Jamie! You deserve it!

Elisa said...

Wow, looks so professional! Congratulations, I'm sure you're enjoying it! :-) I've got a new computer and home workspace on my wishlist too.