Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I got the micah glove photo printed
I love canvas
I think I have a slight addiction
I want all my treasured photos as large canvas
but I don't have the wall space
and my wallet has no green
My canvas supplier (they supply my addiction)
was having a sale
so I jumped on board, again!
Love this one!
Can't wait to hang it.
Casey, I know you mentioned that the "a" and "h"
were a little unrecognizable
and while I truly appreciate your input,
I kinda like the obscureness of it all.
Is that even a word?
Anyway, here is MICAH in all its canvas glory!


Rachel Hill said...

Obscurity. This is the former English teacher writing! This looks great on canvas!

Casey said...

Super work! It is beautiful and when did you ever listen to my feedback anyway? I love it!