Friday, August 14, 2009

homeschooling...week one

Week one of homeschooling has come and gone. If they're all like this we'll be in good shape. I wasn't actually planning on starting this week but when I looked online Sunday night to start my prep I noticed that the curriculm that I was planning on using actually started the first week of August. Oh well, that's why it's homeschooling right, go at your own pace!

I got the basics together and we got our week started. I am using the curiculum for three year olds from Hubbards Cupboard. It's all Bible based and the first two weeks we are studying creation! So far, so good. Naomi has learned to recognize the numbers 1, 2 and 3. She has learned the difference between night and day and also done lots of sorting and matching. Now, these are all things that we will still need to work on as they are not down in stone yet...but she did really good this week. She is even pretty close to having her memory work down.

It's pretty exciting to be able to teach her and see what she picks up. The thing is, I think she picks up more than she lets on. She always asks for help with that little smirk on her face. How do I get her to just do the projects without feeling like she needs me to always be right there guiding her or telling her what to do? Maybe that will come with time.

Here are some photos from our first week. We made a creation booklet, this week we did days 1-3 and next week we'll do the rest (4-7). She's loving all the little projects and games that we're playing.

"I did it"


Rachel Hill said...

This looks really neat! I might have to check out and implement some of the 2's curriculum for Xavier!

Anna said...

Thanks to you, I've been using the Hubbard's Cupboard 2's curriculum off and on the past few months. (You had mentioned it in a post a few months ago.) I'm going to try a combination of the 2's and 3's activities for everyone starting next week. My plan is to do one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon. We'll see what happens!