Monday, August 03, 2009

have you seen...

my husband lately? He's gone hairless too! He inspired it all actually. He woke up on Saturday morning after our vacation and shaved his gotee and mustache. When he got home from work later that evening he shaved his head. Then I cut Micah's hair (all of it, not just his bangs) and later in the week is when Naomi and I both got haircuts. The family is on a mission to have less hair. 100 degree weather may just do that to some people...apparently to us! ha!

So sweet! What a little snugglebug!

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Dana said...

kind of funny - Greg shaved his facial hair off and Dad let his grow. Dad did not like being the only man in the family without facial hair - and now Greg is. :)(of course, I don't know if Dad kept it, as last I saw him was on a week ago Saturday and he was debating whether to keep it or not).