Monday, August 03, 2009


We got up on Friday morning pretty early (Naomi does that when she's sleeping in a room with someone else and she had been sleeping in Kathryn's room with her) and tried to get a little more sleep before realizing it wasn't going to happen. We enjoyed some more time hanging out with Kathryn and Eric (Lauryn was still sleeping and Heather had to go to church to help out with some childcare) before we headed back on the road for our final installment of vacation!
We made it to Austin about 1pm and met uncle Jordan for lunch at Freddies. This was a fun little resturant totally unique to Austin (well, Austin is pretty unique in an of itself anyway). The food was good and the kids enjoyed some time on the playground outside. Thanks for taking time to have lunch with us Jordan, we enjoyed your company as always! Then we got back in the car for another hour and made it home before dinner time. What a fun and exciting vacation we had. Full of friends and family!

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