Saturday, August 29, 2009

first birthday

We helped our little friend Joshua celebrate
his first birthday tonight...
man, time really does fly,
can't believe he's one already.
I painted him a little something for his room.
Thought it was appropriate to use a scripture
verse from the book of Joshua.
(this is an 8x10 in case you were wondering)Naomi and Sophia are good friends!Greg and Mike enjoying time with their little boys!

Check out the cool bib that Amy made for him!
He was lovin the cake!And the ice cream!Micah has really been into pushing things lately. At the party he pushed the shopping cart around for about 70% of the time we were there...he was eating the other 30%. At home he pushes his little lawn mower around the shed, and around the tree, and around the cute!

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