Wednesday, August 05, 2009

family fun day

Since Greg has off on Mondays and since we haven't been out in a while lately we decided to take the kids out and have a little family fun day on Monday. We started at the San Antonio Children's Museum and let the kids just kind of go at their own pace...with a little help from mom and dad! Micah was loving the freedom and all the fun things to climb on and play with. Of course Naomi loved the little grocery store the best and keeps asking about going there again!

After the museum we went to the Buckhorn Saloon for lunch. We enjoyed the company better than the food and it was great to build some memories! Luckily I remembered after a while that I had a disposable camera in the diaper bag and Igrabbed a few shots on our way to the car!
Silly faces!!!

These were taken by Naomi!We enjoyed our traditional Sunday night affair since Greg was at church on Sunday night. We watched America's Funniest Videos while eating pizza in the living room! What a great day of making memories!

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Katherine Marie! said...

You look soooo good with your new short dew... I love that length on you!! I never made it to the Children's Museum when we live in TX... looks pretty fun!!