Wednesday, August 19, 2009

daily devotions

Do you spend time in the Word each day?
Do you take a couple of minutes (at least) and sit down with your Bible and just "be still"?
Do you read your devotions online?
You could perhaps even read the Bible online if you like.
If you're taking time for the Word then other things will begin to fall into place.
I've noticed a huge difference in my life, attitude, demeanor when I spend time in the Word.
No, I'm not great at doing it EVERY day...but those are the days I notice a difference.
And not in a good way.

If you're online a lot at work and need a little break from the daily grind, might I encourage you to stop over at my handsome hubby's blog? He posts a daily devotional thought during the work week. You'll find out more about many intersting people and you'll be challenged in your faith walk. If you follow his blog you'll know as soon as he posts his new devotional thought (usually before noon each day) and you'll be encouraged in your walk...I know I am! Oh and leave him some comments and feedback....EVERYONE loves comments and feedback (even me!).

Thanks Greg for being faithful with posting your devotions online. You are encouraging people (even if it is just me!) in their faith walks, and challenging us to go deeper!

(Oh and no, Greg didn't tell me to write this post!)

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