Thursday, August 13, 2009

can you see it?

Can you see it?
It's there.
It's barely visible.
But still there

Look on the bridge of my nose.
Now do you see it?
Yup, a little tiny bruise
and an indentation.

Little MR T decided to
smack me in the face with
a metal cookie tin.

OUCH! It hurt.
I cried.
Naomi cried
because I cried.

I'm over it.
I told my husband
He laughed.
Oh well. No sympathy here
I guess I'll just have to blog it
and hope you have some sympathy for me

Are your little tiny violins out
Use them. all together.
Okay, I feel your sympathy.

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1 comment:

Holly said...

I know Noah may be little, but he packs a punch and can actually tackle his big brother. I'm sure Micah is the same way. Yes I had a little violin playing just for you!