Friday, August 07, 2009

birthday presents

Naomi's birthday is coming up...she'll be 3 in two months...THREE! Ahh! Anyway, we've been talking a little bit about her birthday here and there and tonight we had a pretty funny conversation. She's been talking about her birthday cake for a while and told me that she wants a Minnie Mouse cake (with ears). Whenever she references someone's birthday is usually revolves around the cake. She thinks by just saying "birthday" or "birthday party" that she is talking about cake.

The other day, I asked Naomi where she wanted to have her three year old photos taken and she first told me, "at Jake's party". Once I explained that Jake's party was over and that one child's birthday party is not really a good place for a photo shoot of another child she told me that she wanted to have her photo shoot at a park. Sounds good to me. But, I think she thinks that means she's going to have a birthday party at a park. She invited her babysitter last night to come to "my birthday at the park".

Anyway, tonight I was asking her what she would like for her birthday. She said, "pink". Then she said, "presents". I asked her what she wanted people to buy her for her birthday and this is the list I compiled. I named some people and then she told me what she thought they should get for her, these are her direct quotes.
Mom & Dad - first she said, "fire" then it was "legos and a beautiful kitchen"
Grammy & Papa - "a pink circle, but not too big"
Grandma & Grandpa - "a candle for the fireplace" (must go with the fire we're supposed to get her)
ATracey & UBrad - "a little tv"
UEric & ACatherine - "little shoes"
ADana & UDoug - "sunglasses"
AHolly & UGene - "little people"
Emily & Michael - "a pencil"
Andrew & Noah - "a book"
AJulie & UClif - "big shoes"
Micah - "a little blanket"

So then I asked her, what do you want on her birthday cake? "candles" (smart girl) So I clarified and said, What do you want your birthday cake to look like? "A circle" (easy enough) and then she added, "a pink circle" (I think I can handle that)

Now family please don't feel like you need to get Naomi what she said you were going to get her, I'm pretty sure her answers will change every day until her birthday.

I thought I'd keep going and asked Naomi what everyone was going to get ME for my birthday. Here's the list she compiled.
Dad, Naomi and Micah - "a book about spiders web" (The very busy spider is one of her favorite books)
Grammy & Papa - "a big chair"
Grandma & Grandpa - "a water bottle"
Tracey & brad - "a little house"
Eric & Catherine - "a little horse"
Dana & Doug - "ice"
Holly & Gene - "little letters"
Julie & Clif - "a little pig"

She was basically just looking around the room and when she saw something that became her answer. I think I'll try this little game again next week and see what she says then.

Sorry for no photos! I'm on the "old" computer and I'm not downloading any more photos to this computer. Greg is putting together my new LARGE and incharge desk as we speak so my "new" computer is unplugged for the moment! Maybe tomorrow you can see photos of my new "office"!

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Dana said...

Funny! I think we could handle everything on our list but the ice. Not sure how to send ice to San Antonio :) Kids do have crazy ideas sometimes.