Wednesday, August 19, 2009

before and after

Photoshop = Amazing!
I'm loving that I can shoot in RAW now.
I'm loving that I can make the colors pop!
I'm loving that the black and white photos are
true black and white and not gray!!
I'm just loving it!
Just wish I had more time in the day!!!
It makes me want to go back and re-edit all my photos...
maybe tomorrow!
For now, here are some before photoshop and after photoshop shots!

Before: this is a pretty good shot...After: really makes the colors come to life and looks more vibrantAfter: true black and white...ahhhhmazing!Here's a before, after, after set of Micah...
Got any photos that you'd like me to play with? Just email me your favorite photo and I'll play with it and re-post it here. First three people to email me a photo get it worked for you to have a nice edited photo and fun for me to get to play!!! Just type "photo fix" in the subject box!

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