Friday, July 24, 2009


On Tuesday it was the ladies turn to go out without the little kids. Since Dana was at the hospital with Doug she wasn't able to join us, but Emily did come along. We went down to bath house row and toured one of the old bath houses. These old bath houses are gorgeous. Okay, so the tubs themselves were not that nice looking but the tile work, stained glass and decorating was beautiful. We walked through the park area and got to feel how hot the springs actually are. I think they said the springs are like 140 degrees or something like that and at the bath houses they actually have to cool the water in order for the people to bathe in it.

After the little tour and walk we had lunch at the Hamilton House which is a hotel that lots of presidents have stayed at. It was a very nice little lunch and good company too! We figured out that we wouldn't be able to enjoy any of the bath houses because the one that is a group type of soaking pool are not open on Tuesday. Go figure. So we went to an antique mall instead. It was a nice morning away with the girls.

We did more swimming and game playing in the afternoon and evening and watched the all star game. It was another great day!

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