Thursday, July 23, 2009


Believe it or not, everyone was ready in time for 8:30am church. We were in the cars by 8:10 and on our way...but we got we were late. Yes, we were that family of visitors with 14 people coming in to an already crowded sanctuary trying to fit in four different spots among the people in their regular seats. Oh well, it was a very friendly church, so we didn't feel TOO dumb!
We went back to the resort after church and put the really little guys down for naps while the rest of us just hung out. We ate lunch and then headed out to meet Libby and Mark for our photoshoot. The whole thing went really well, and although the kids got a little cranky because it was hot and took a while they did REALLY well with the whole thing! Thanks everyone!!

Here are a few random shots fro mthe photoshoot. Make sure to check out the good ones in the post below this one!Can you tell it was hot, look how red and sweaty Naomi is! What a beautiful backdrop for our photos!Sunday night we went out for the Anniversary dinner celebration. We went to Fisherman's Wharf! My favorite place to eat (ha, just kidding, I don't like seafood, but the chicken was EXCELLENT!). Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the company the food and the conversations. After dinner we went outside and looked at the many fish and turtles that were just over the side of the deck.

We made Micah try a lemon!Emily and Naomi...the girl cousins!Michael and least he gave himself bunny ears too!
Michael and buds!Holly, Noah and Michael...Michael really wanted his picture taken!Noah and Michael...our silly godsons...this is what you get when you tell Noah to smile!
Gary and Faye...40 years of wedded bliss!!!
Andrew and Gene...Gene are you pinching Andrew he doesn't look too happy?!Greg and Jamie...that's just us!Dana and happy and so in love!When we got back from dinner the guys had a surprise for the ladies. They had a reaffirmation of wedding vows service all planned out. We all participated in reaffirming our vows and the little service was very well planned out and meaningful! Thanks guys for planning such a special thing for us ladies! Very awesome!!!
Sorry the photos are blurry, the lighting wasn't great and it's not nice to use a flash in church :)

To top the evening off we celebrated July and August birthdays with cake and presents! What a busy day. But a totally fun day filled with TONS of memories!

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