Thursday, July 23, 2009

monday (lots of photos)

Monday morning the guys headed to the links pretty early. Michael got to go with the big guys and play golf too. Greg won and they all had a good time. Doug skipped out on lunch because he wasn't feeling well.

The ladies took the kids to Little Bitty City. The kids LOVED it. Everything is in one big room but it's sectioned off with different things to do. Naomi immediately found the room filled with costumes, shoes, babies and a little doll house...she was in heaven! Micah loved climbing up the little stairs, crawling through the tube and going down the slide...or back through the tube. They played for three hours without getting bored and were upset when we had to leave! It was $12 well spent!
I didn't want to take my big camera along so I just asked everyone else to get lots of they did...these are the photos of Holly, Dana and Faye. Thanks you guys!!!
Who said one at a time was the rule?
Micah's favorite way to climb down!My little mermaid!Hard at work on...My little lego house!She was loving the ballerina!
And loved dressing up as one...From the looks of it, Emily had as much fun as the little kids did!!She took orders and made the food for us and even employed the little dudes...Micah's applying for a job at Emily's crazy leopard cafe.Noah claimed this ball as his own, he carried it wherever he went almost all morning!I'm pretty sure Andrew would have stayed and played with the trains all day if we let him.Micah and Noah had a good time in the bounce house!
Emily had fun dancing around in this little colorful shirt...until she realized she couldn't get it off!Micah thought this little wiggly giggly ball was hilarious!
The rest of the day was spent playing at the sand area, swimming, playing games, playing Wii and ended on a not so fun note for Doug. We were playing our Annual Pinnochle tournament and Doug was not feeling so well, so he went back to his room and eventually went to the ER. Seems the kidney stone was still in play! Bummer! They finally got admitted to a room at 2am. Needless to say Dana and Doug did not get much sleep on Monday night.

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