Friday, July 24, 2009

locks of love

Our locks have been cut...and most of them donated.

I cut Naomi's hair tonight and it was the first haircut of her life. She looks pretty cute if I may say so myself. She did pretty good but kept saying, "I'm all done" halfway through the haircut. I don't think she would have looked so cute if I had let her be all done. So, here's the before and after photos of Naomi.
Okay, this is a pretty scary picture of me. First of all I don't normally wear my hair down so this is not what I look like on a regular basis and second of all, I didn't have any makeup on (not that I normally do!) But anyway, you can get an idea of how long my hair really was.And here's the short haired me. So far, it's pretty new but seems pretty short. I really think this may be the shortest I've ever had my hair. I guess that's what happens when they put all your hair in a braid at the base of your neck and just chop it off. There are some pretty short pieces in the back. Oh well, it's for a good cause. I hope my year and a half of long hair will provide someone with a warm head! (Last haircut was January 2008) Now I'll just have to remember that I don't need as much shampoo! Naomi and I are now on the quest to donate again.
Thanks for taking my photos babe!

Greg and Micah got haircuts this week too. I guess it's a family thing.


Katherine Marie! said...

What an AMAZING GIFT of love!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW! You both look incredible. Naomi is sweet as can be and you look young young gorgeous gorgeous. Do you recognize yourself when you look in the mirror?

Casey said...

Super-duper cute and your hair went to an amazing cause so I say kudos to you my friend! I bet it is a lot easier to care for as well! Thanks also for the phone message a few weeks ago when I was on vacation out east. I will call you back soon so we can chat! Much love!

Captain Aunt Susan said...

You both look cute and sassy now!