Wednesday, July 22, 2009

friday - saturday

Friday morning we woke up and had a fun morning playing with Matthew and JJ and eating delicious giant blueberry muffins. The kids had fun playing Kimi's baby grand and running around like crazy people before we confined them to their car seats for another 5 hour drive.Thanks Kimi and Scott for your hospitality and friendship. We had a great time catching up, hanging out and discussing the finer things in life with you. We cannot wait till we get to hang out again and I'm sure it will seem as though no time has passed! We love you guys!I took some photos of everyone during the drive on Friday...

Micah conked out shortly after we left Plano.She colored and put stickers on paper for a couple of hours. That girl LOVES stickers!!Here I am, this is me. Overexposed and everything.Check out my handsome hubby with his aviators! Yes, he was driving down the highway at this time and no, we did not crash!Welcome to Arkansas.We got to the resort by 3:30pm and checked into our rooms before heading out to buy the groceries for the week. Grandma and grandpa were there by that time too so they were able to stay with the kids while we shopped. We didn't do too much stuff that evening. We did go swimming for a short time and we played cards once the kids were in bed.

Doug had gotten a kidney stone while still in Houston on Friday morning. After getting some drugs they got on the road and Dana drove the whole way to Hot Springs. They made it by 11:30pm.

Saturday morning Greg woke me up at 6am and told me that he thought he needed to go to the doctor/ER because he was having some chest pains and a hard time breathing. His dad took him to the hospital and everything checked out okay. He was told that he strained the muscles that connect the ribs and breastbone. He must have done that when he was throwing Naomi in the pool on Friday night. I'm so grateful that it wasn't anything serious and that he wasn't afraid to get it checked out. Chest pains are never something to mess around with.

Saturday morning Dana and Faye took the kids down to the sand/swing area and played for a bit. I enjoyed a little quiet time!Naomi and Michael found something interesting on TV and sorta snuggled up together to watch it.Holly and Gene arrived shortly after lunch on Saturday. Micah gave Aunt Holly a big hug right away! So glad he remembers his auntie and gives big hugs!Michael and Naomi enjoyed playing with the leap pad.

Here's my handsome godson/nephew Noah!
Aunt Holly read books to Andrew and Naomi who didn't nap that day. You can tell how much Naomi is loving it. She's just sprawled out soaking up every word and probably trying to stay awake since she wouldn't nap.Uncle Doug discovered Micah's love for boats...or really just the word boat. Aunt Dana took him outside and pointed out the boats to him and even heard him utter the word a few times.There were 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Luckily no one fell off.

I gave Gene his birthday gift on Saturday night....a little before the birthdays celebration because I just couldn't wait any longer. I was very excited about his gift and wanted to see his reaction. We actually took one of the resorts photos off the wall and hung the painting up for us to enjoy all week! Ha!Okay, come back tomorrow for sunday and mondays recaps!

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Holly said...

Gene moved around a few things on the wall in his sports office so that he was able to hang up the picture right away. He does LOVE it!! Thanks so much!!