Thursday, July 23, 2009

family photos

So when the WHOLE family gets together once a year it's pretty important to document that occasion with a photoshoot. But how does one who is a photographer go about taking the large family photo and still be in it? Well, that's easy, have someone else take the photos! We didn't know how we were going to make it happen. We didn't really know anyone in Hot Springs, AR. Dana and Doug know people in Fort Smith but that's not very close...well, it's closer than Texas but you get my drift.

Well, it just so happens that while I was taking Jason and Karla's engagement photos I found out that Jason's parents lived in Hot Springs (actually the next town over). So, I emailed Libby and asked if they'd be willing to "push the button" and she agreed. Libby and Mark took us to three beautiful locations and I set up the shot and with the camera on the tripod had Mark push the button (usually 5 or 6 times, just in case, gotta love digital!). I took all the individual family ones and Doug took our little family photos.

I'm really happy with how they turned out and I am COMPLETELY shocked that we got like THREE different poses where EVERYONE is looking at the camera! AWESOME! We had a great time although it was really hot and I'm sure glad everyone agreed to the photoshoot if not just to apease me!! HA!
Gary and Faye celebrating 40 years of marriage!Doug and Dana celebrating 15 years of marriage!Gene and Holly celebrating 7 years of marriage!Greg and Jamie celebrating (almost) 7 years of marriage! Did you do the math?! We're one year shy of celebrating 70 years of marriage!!! incredible!!!Libby and Mark took us to Micah's Pointe! This lady and her husband used to come to this particular spot on the lake very often and Micah (the husband) died, so his wife made this pavilion in his memory for other people to enjoy. What a sweet thing and it really was a place for us to make memories as well. (Doug was holding Micah so we could get him with the sign)

And of course one with us in the Cardinal gear!There you have it! Some photos from our photoshoot. There are some others but I'll save those for the immediate family! Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into what we all look like!

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