Saturday, July 25, 2009

blake & lydia

I got a phone call this week from Lydia. I had meet Lydia a couple of times before and was excited to hear that she recently got engaged! So exciting that she called me to do her engagement photography (thanks Kari!). Since Lydia is a teacher and will be heading back to school soon and since the wedding will be here before they know it, they wanted to get their engagment photos done as soon as possible! No problem! We went down to the riverwalk and spent some time "playing scrabble" at Jim Cullum's Landing. Then we walked around a bit and got some great shots! LOTS of kissing during this session.

I had a blast working with Blake and Lydia and really hope they love their photos! I am so excited to be getting more referal work and just more work in general, it really helps me see how much I LOVE my job and yet, how much I still need to learn! Here are a few photos...check out my photography blog for a bunch more!

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