Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's so fun to come home and to watch my kids play with the toys that I played with as a little girl. It's kind of funny though because now when Naomi finds anything of mine she asks if it's from when I was little. I've been taking some photos of the toys and items from my childhood because I do remember them and having photos of them will help me remember them even longer and when we're not here playing with them.

I know that some of the toys were originally mine but I also know that some were my sisters and brothers before I got to play with them. It's funny how a little toy can bring back so many memories. How many of these toys or similar ones did you play with. Can you recognize all the toys or items?

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Dana said...

it is fun to see your kids have fun with toys you played with as a child. We now have our fisher price stuff packed away for a 3rd generation (some of mine - the old stuff, some of Emily's and Michael's - the new stuff). What will their kids think of it :) Who knows.