Monday, November 03, 2008

too cute and seven months

Snapped these few just before Micah's calendar shoot. All together now, awwww!
Micah at 7 months.
20 lbs 8.5oz
at least 28.5 inches but probably more

Micah is such a happy baby. He has such an amazing disposition! He rolls over lots and is trying his hand at sitting. He can sit for a little bit at a time like a tripod...with his arms supporting most of his weight. He is still not good at eating solids and that is about the only thing that bothers me about him. He has an ear infection and trying to get him to take his medicine is a challenge too. But all in all he is an amazing little man and it's hard to believe that he's been here for seven months already. But at the same time I can't believe it's only been seven months.

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