Wednesday, November 12, 2008

road trip

Warning: This post is picture heavy. Lift with Caution!
Well, the road trip (or long field trip) with the kids went pretty well. They did pretty good on the way there but neither of them slept. It took us 3.5 hours and once we got there we had lunch and then headed over to Sandy's office so they could see the kids. Then we went to the Children's Museum at Baylor University. Micah was hungry and tired and finally gave in and fell asleep for a bit in the stroller. Naomi and Liam had a great time checking out all the different things to play with. The museum is split up into different rooms on the second floor (where we spent most of our time) and they played with water and bubbles, played some music, dressed up like Indians and other characters. They churned butter, got on the saddle and played with lincoln logs in the "praire room". We watched the train for a while and then headed into Mrs. Moen's Neighborhood (on the first floor) where there was a fire truck, bus and race car. We also looked at some fish and other little creatures and then called it a day.

After Sandy got home from work she took Naomi, Liam and I through the cow pasture to the horses that are behind their house. We went to feed some carrots to the horses. Naomi did great till we got within arms length of the cows..."I wanna hold you" was all she said as she made her little scared face. I think I'd be scared too if something on four legs that I only came up to the knee on was standing right by me. Once we got to the horses she kind of did the same thing. But she helped Sandy feed the carrot to Boo who was behind a fence. Walking back was fun as it was only 6pm but VERY dark and the clouds kept the moon covered for most of our walk. Liam wanted to wait for the moon to come back out to light the way but we knew that wouldn't happen for a while so eventually we got him to walk again. We got the kids some dinner and into bed before enjoying a nice steak and potatoe dinner ourselves. Yummy! Naomi and Liam had their first boy/girl sleepover as they shared a room with mattresses on the ground. We knew that they'd be okay because they were both SOOO tired.

They did do okay, until this morning. I'm not sure what woke Naomi up but at 5:30am she was crying. Which obviously woke Liam up. So, I tried to get her to calm down and Kristin took Liam into bed with her and we tried to get them to go back to sleep. I was making some progress with Naomi and then Micah woke up. So, I left her to go get him and then she started crying even harder and came down into our room to find us. She didn't want to sleep in my bed but she didn't want to be alone in her room either. So, I fed Micah and finally convinced her to come back into my room...we laid there for a little while but I could tell she wasn't going to go back to sleep. So we got up and shortly after that Micah decided he didn't want to try and sleep either. Later in the morning Micah did take a nice long nap so that was good. We went over to Trinity for their little chapel service that Bob leads with the preschool kids. Naomi would not sit still so we just spent most of the time outside (Micah was back at the house sleeping this whole time). We decided that it would be best for us to head home after lunch so that the kids might sleep in the car and so Liam could get a good nap. So, we headed to lunch and in the 15 minute drive Naomi fell asleep very hard. After a nice lunch at Panera we got in the car and started our 2.5 hour drive home. Of course since Naomi got her little power nap she didn't nap at all on the way home and Micah only slept for a short time. Thanks Julie for keeping ME awake!!! It only took us two hours and twenty minutes! Austin traffic wasn't bad at all. The reason it took longer to get there is because I took a different route to avoid Austin during the morning. Austin traffic is HORRIBLE during rush hour so I just wanted to stay away! So, that's my story of Waco. Both kids were in bed before 7:15. We'll see how well they sleep tonight. Could be interesting!


Mikaela said...

That museum looks awesome!

Holly said...

Sounds and looks like you had lots of fun. The children's museum looks awsome!! Glad the kids behaved in the car. I know I would be nervous about that long of a car ride alone with the boys.