Sunday, November 02, 2008

pics of lily

Eric and Catherine went home from the hospital today and got some pictures uploaded on facebook. So, I promptly stole them so you could see some! Doesn't Lily look like her daddy in this one?
Hello world, I'm Lily, nice to meet you!What a proud papa!
So, the founder of the girl scouts was born on October 31 (not sure what year) and the little girl scout troop of Poway decided this year that they would shower the first little girl born on October 31 with lots of gifts. At first they told Eric that they'd like to take a picture with Catherine and Lily for the paper and bring in a gift basket. Well, four little ladies and three moms came into their room and they ALL had their own basket full of goodies. Onesies, towels, blankets, name it, oh but there were no girl scout cookies...bummer! Anyway, they got such a special treat from these girl scouts and now Catherine and Lily will have their picture in the paper as well. Here are the girls with Catherine and Lily and then all the baskets on Catherine's bed.

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