Saturday, November 08, 2008

a few things

I have just a few things to share and then I'm going to bed. Man, this time change has hit me hard this year...and a few days later too. Did it affect anyone else or is it just me?

Anyway, the other day Naomi was helping me with the laundry and then she decided to climb in the basket and take a nap. I wonder if she remembers sleeping in a laundry basket when she was only a month old...yeah right. Oh and that is not the laundry basket that she slept in as a baby, that one was a little bit nicer :).
Micah is no longer a "put him down and he'll stay there" baby. No, he's not crawling yet but the dude can roll. I don't remember Naomi rolling over as much as Micah is. He rolls every which way and can get his legs under him a little bit. He's also trying to push up with his arms and starts moving backwards. He's fun to watch. It's funny to because I'll put him down and leave the room and when I come back he's someplace else. I guess I really need to pay attention to where I put him down now. "Has anyone seen my kid?" ha, just kidding!
Our families have a little friendly competition going on. We've decided to have a Biggest Looser Competition with both sides of our family. So we started with the initial weigh in on Nov. 1 with the T family and Nov. 3 with the P family. Everyone is in for $10 and the person who looses the biggest percentage of weight wins all the money. Greg and I talk a good talk and always have these high hopes of eating better and exercising more but we can never really get motivated. THIS has motivated us! We're excited that it's about two months too so that we can really get into some better habits. So far, I've lost five pounds!! The only unfair thing is that on my side of the family Catherine JUST HAD A BABY!!! so she has an unfair advantage! just makes me want to work harder!!! Wish us luck...and post some motivation and encouragement too!!
Okay, so I know I said I would post pics from the craft fair and I still plan on doing that but I just want to do something with the pics first because I have SO MANY to share. So, hang tight, I promise before next week is over they will be up. How was the craft fair you may ask? Well, it stunk! I sold one set of cards (to a lady from church who lives in my neighborhood) but had to pay for the table too, so I made $5. Amy only sold one clip and her sister, Mary, didn't sell anything. Everyone oohhed and aahhed over the stuff, but no one bought! Bummer. But I did pass out some of my business cards! Anyway, the picture below is from the other day when I was taking pics of my product to show you, Naomi wanted her picture taken too. So, first she said cheese and smiled nicely. Then after I took more product pictures she asked me again to take her picture and this is what she did. She just sat there with her eyes closed. What a stinker. She thought it was pretty funny.
Okay, gotta go to bed now. I'll have lots to post in the coming days. Tomorrow is Joshua's baptism and I'm doing a Senior photo shoot. Tuesday the kids and I are headed to Waco to see Kristin, Liam and Silas!!! SO EXCITED!!! Take care, see ya soon!


The Harvalas said...

Miriam rolled quite a bit too like Micah. One morning before I was ready to be up for the day Miriam was wide awake so I took her downstairs where Adam was on the couch and put her on the floor, he said the next time he looked at her he kinda had to look around and he found her on the other side of the room! You'll have to make sure your place is baby-proofed (Micah ready) or maybe it still might be from Naomi!?

Jon and Lani said...

that's a bummer about the craft fair...i wish it would have gone better for you! can't wait to see the pics! :)

Holly said...

Andrew did the roll around thing more than Noah, but they both did do that. Andrew could get anywhere just with rolling. He pivoted to change angles and everything. Too bad about the craft fair. We did a craft fair once when we were kids. Made match crosses and Dad sold buttons with his badge machine so people could make their own buttons. Can't remember how much we made, but I know it was more than $5.