Sunday, November 09, 2008

busy sunday

What a fun day...

Micah has been getting up around 2am a lot lately...last night was no exception. But, then he was up at 5, 6, and 6:45. Ugh! Don't know why and I wish he would stop...maybe it's because he won't eat his "solids" and he's hungry! Ahh, oh well. It's not like he'll be getting up this often all his life (I hope) so I guess I can deal with it. So, I was tired but of course we went to church. Our little buddy Joshua was baptised this morning!!! Yeah! Welcome to God's family little dude... you are washed clean by the blood of the lamb!!! Congratulations!
After church was the congregational dinner, sorta like a Thanksgiving dinner. The food was delicious. Of course we did not have any bread or dessert but did indulge in stuffing and mashed potatoes! Yummy. Then we went over to Shirley's house (Mike's mother) for their baptism celebration. Had some super yummy potatoe and wild rice soup (I'll have to get that recipe!) and took some more photos of the family. Then Greg and the kiddos headed home and I headed over to pick up Elizabeth for her senior photo shoot. We went to the botanical gardens, of which I've never been before, so that was cool. It's a super cool place, lots of plants and other exhibits and it's pretty big. Elizabeth and I had fun walking through the whole thing in less than an hour and stopping to take photos. It was so much fun....I love doing senior portrait sessions! You can see some more from Elizabeth's session here.
Here's Greg in his office. He just rearranged all his furniture and cleaned everything up.Amy, Joshua, Mike, Pastor D, Noelle, Pastor T, Arn Mike, Amy and JoshuaWhat a handsome little dude!Shirley and JoshuaAmy, Joshua and SharonElizabeth!!! This is one of my favorites!

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Holly said...

Hope Micah's ears are OK since i know he did have an ear infection the other week. I know when Andrew starts waking up at strange hours it usually means that he has an ear infection brewing.