Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thanks SO MUCH for all your kind words. Seriously.

I've been thinking about giving up the photography thing for a while. It's just that time is not always on my side. And without time I can't make money and without money I can't advertise (i.e. make business cards) and without advertising I can't take photos and without photos I can't make money. It's vicious circle. We have been blessed with a little extra money so we allocated some of it towards my photography business and that has really gotten me excited...but...

your kind words have too. I spend time looking at other photographers work and just think that I'll never be as good as them so I just want to quit. I treasure your comments (keep em coming) and excitment for me and this business. I know that playing the comparrison game is just me asking for heartache and trouble so I need to stop (but it's hard sometimes). Anyway, thank you so much for all your help. I will be ordering my business cards later today...

if I get the time! ha!

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Tina said...

This could possibly freak you out but I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I am a friend of your cousins in Minnesota and am a blog hopper.(May also explain why I'm not married.)

You can totally confirm the validity of this however I mentioned to them a while ago that if I ever get married I would pay for your family to fly up as I'd want you to take my pictures because you have a great eye and a good perspective. That's a God-thing and you are blessed.

It's not just your friends who think you are talented. Even if we never meet, I just couldn't help but hold back this comment. (and you did encourage it after all.)