Thursday, October 16, 2008

two forty

Well, we've been home for a few days and things are starting to return to normal. Micah had his six month well check up today. He got a clean bill of health (what does that mean anyway? clean bill). He now officially weighs 19lbs and 9oz (75-80%) and is 28.5 inches long (90%) and I think his head was 45 cm (75-80%). He still is not eating "solids" very good, he gags every time like I'm trying to poison him or something. I've given him a few puffs to see if he'd rather have more solid food and he does the same thing with those. Silly boy! He'll learn to love food soon enough so I'm not worried! And it's not like he's wasting away! He loves to roll over, both ways, loves to chew on his toes and is content to just sit and watch whatever is going on around him. He loves to bang on things and babble! What a fun little guy we've got!

Naomi has been fighting her naps more and more lately and it's driving me nuts. I'm lucky if she sleeps for an hour. Luckily that hour has been at the same time that Micah is sleeping lately so I've been getting a little break! I just need a little longer to actually get something done! Ugh! Let's see, what is she up to these days? Well, she loves to sing "tinkle, tinkle little star" and "Jesus loves me" and she can count to ten but often times skips 3, 4, and 5. She can sing most of the ABC song but only if someone is singing with her. She doesn't sit still as much anymore to color or paint, she gets bored with it pretty quickly. But she'll sit still for Mickey Mouse...go figure! I think it's time for more toddler friendly activities. I've been doing some research and thinking about homeschooling...please keep that in your prayers if you don't mind. I have some activities that I can create for her to do now, while she's still young, in order to help her learn things while having fun...and to keep her busy (that's my selfish motivation :) ).

I took Naomi over to Anna's this morning while I took Micah to the doctor (thanks so much for watching her Anna!). She always loves playing with Joe, Daniel and Kia. Anna was kind enough to keep her while I did some grocery shopping to. I finally got around to going to Costco to do our once a month BIG shopping trip (we usually go in the first few days of the month, but we've been busy!). It was nice to go with just Micah, he just drank his bottle and smiled at everyone. As I was pulling into the Costco parking lot my gas light went on...which I guess was as good a time as any since Costco gas is always a little cheaper. Guess what I paid? Two dollars and forty cents! Can you believe it!? It cost me UNDER $40 to fill up the tank in my mini van! WOOHOOO!!! What a great day!

I'm working on making some greeting cards for a craft fair that Amy and I are going to sell things at. She's making a bunch of baby items with her sewing machine and I could do the same but I don't sew very well just yet. So, I thought I'd try and sell some photographs and some cards. I figured that if I don't sell any of the cards I can send them out, so no loss there! Okay, that's all I have to say. Have a great day!

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Jon and Lani said...

I feel your pain with the anti-nap-monster 2 yr old...Evan is doing the same thing. In fact, at this very moment, he's supposed to be sleeping, but I hear him screaming a song... :) And he won't sit still to color anymore either. I'm kind of glad it's a 2yr old thing, not just necessarily that he doesn't like to color anymore...And funny thing is we've been thinking about homeschooling Evan too...haven't done much research into it, but we certainly didn't want him in MN schools, and now we're just kind of fond of the homeschool idea...we'll keep you guys in our prayers as we consider it and pray over it too...

you'll have to post some pics of your cards that you're making for the craft fair. i love seeing all the crafty things you do! :)