Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the story of our trip

WARNING! This is my longest post ever (I think) with LOTS of pictures...pace yourself!

So, I realize that I never really gave many details about our trip to Wisconsin so I wanted to do that now. Again, this is more for my memory than anything else so if you want to just skip to the photos please do so!
We left our house at 2:30pm on Thursday, October 9th to fly to Memphis. We had a short layover in Memphis and in that time Greg managed to run into Jeremy Lucke and his wife Alicia and Naomi made friends with half of Memphis and a little girl from South Carolina (they were running around and pretending to be dogs, we hoped it would wear the little girls out and make them tired on the plane) who was headed to New Orleans with her family. The kids did really well on the flights and we only had to bust out the DVD player for the second flight. By the time we landed in Milwaukee it was 9:30pm...add to that the time to get luggage, drive home, get showered with kisses from grammy and papa and the kids were finally in bed by 11pm.
Friday morning my friend Tia (who happens to live in Fairbanks, Alaska but just happened to be visiting family at that time in Milwaukee) came over to visit with her sweet little guy Elliot. It was so great to catch up with Tia and to meet little Elliot. Greg took Naomi to Concordia for chapel and to see some of our old profs and to just see the new stuff on campus. I think Naomi enjoyed running around a lot (you can tell she did because almost all of the pictures Greg got are of her running away) and maybe one day she'll go back there for college, who knows! She caught a quick nap in the car on the way home...I bet she was EXHAUSTED! But it was a bummer because that's the only time she slept that day! Greg and I left around 2:30 to head up to Green Bay for the rehearsal. We got to Matt and Shelley's (my cousins) around 4:15 and got some stuff taken care of and then headed over to the church. The rehearsal was great and the pizza afterwards was AMAZING! Then the ladies came back to Matt and Shelley's with me for a little lingerie shower for Julie. It was fun but a little awkward at one moment... Greg went out to a bar with the guys and had a good time. Naomi and Micah enjoyed a fish fry with grammy and papa at church (it was a fundraiser for their missions) and grammy said that Naomi liked the fish and the "dip" for her fries...I think it was the first time she had ketchup (sheltered I know).
Saturday was a great day! The weather was fantastic (it was high 70's low 80's I think) and to think that the weekend before it was in the 40's. I headed over the the hotel to get my hair done around 8:30am. It was fun to just sit around and get prettied up and to just spend that time with Julie, the softball girls, the bridesmaids and Julie's family (you should have seen the size of the room...all those people fit in the room and there was room to spare). We then headed over to the church at noon to get dressed and get some photographs taken. The ceremony was at 2pm and we were so excited for this moment. I cried as Julie walked down the aisle and I was so honored to be able to stand right by her side as she promised her faithfulness to Clif. What a joyous occasion! What a happy time! Awesome is how I sum it up...but awesome and then some. I saw some friends from gradeschool and found out they were Clif's cousins... what a small world! We went to a park to get more photos taken... and how did we get there you may ask!? We rode in a RV and Julie and Clif had their sweet red ride! The reception was held at Lambeau field (home of the Green Bay Packers, in case you didn't know ;) ). We got to go out to the field (but not on it) to take some photos so that was pretty cool. First time I'd been there! The reception was beautiful and everything was so amazing and detailed. From the stickers with their initials and wedding date on the bottom of the hershey kisses, to the tattoos, to the photo booth, to the basketball hoop (you had to make two in a row to make them kiss), to the amazing food and cake...everything was GREAT! I gave a short speech...I'm not good at that stuff so I hope it wasn't too lame...ha, but I know it was better than the best man's speech. No offense but his was a little offensive (personal opinion) but Andy and Tim saved the day by talking after the best man. The DJ was funny and a good DJ so that made the night even better! It was such an awesome day...I'll remember it for a long time! Naomi had fun dancing a little bit before Auntie Cece, Uncle Bad, grammy and papa drove them back to their house for the night (thanks again mom and dad for keeping them for two nights). We enjoyed the dance and some time away from the kidlets and just had a good time at the wedding. We were thinking about driving back to the Falls on Saturday night but then thought it would be best to just stay at Matt and Shelley's. It was an amazing wedding day!!! Congrats again Julie and Clif!
Sunday morning we got up and got ready to drive back to the Falls. We made it in time for late church at Grace. It was nice to worship at Grace with my parents and sister...and it was good to see some "old" and familiar faces. After church we had lunch and the kiddos took naps. Then Chris, Heather and Danika came over so we could all go apple picking. We headed to "R" Apples in Mequon to get some apples and they had animals there too so that was fun for the little girls. It was nice to do something "fallish" even though the weather said summer. I love doing those fun outdoor family things and even better in the fall...did I ever mention that I LOVE fall and I totally miss the fall living down in Texas? Anyway, after the apple picking we went back to my folks house for some pizza and apple pie (not from the apples we just picked but delicious anyway!) Later that evening Casey came over for a bit. We had a great time catching up and my mom talked Casey into volunteering for some teacher stuff. What fun! It's so good to catch up with old friends and so awesome when it feels as though no time has passed! Awesome day!
Monday morning we got all our stuff ready and were out the door by 9:15ish. Our flight back to Memphis was at 11am and then our next flight was around 2pm. Again, the kids did good but they were a little more crabby and on edge this time since they didn't have their normal naps all weekend. But we made it back home and were in our house by 4:15pm. We were just finally catching our breaths when the phone was Amy and I had forgotten about MOPS@. So, that's where I went and that's how my weekend ended. What a whirlwind but totally amazing trip!

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