Friday, October 17, 2008

san jose

On a whim I decided to take the kids on a "field trip" today. It was a field trip for my camera actually. I wanted to accomplish a few things
*get the kids out in the beautiful weather
*experience a new part of San Antonio
*take some photographs
*create new memories
and I accomplished all those things...before 11am!

We drove south to the San Jose Mission...more than a church they say...but I don't know what "more" is, because I didn't stop to read any of the signs or take a tour. It's not that the history isn't interesting, it's just that I had two little kids that I had to try and keep corralled and happy in a short amount of time. I had fun taking photos but I felt that I didn't really get the best of the potential that is there in the San Jose Mission for photography. I like how some of my images turned out but wish I would have taken more time on others, but again, I had two kiddos with me. All the images here are straight out of the camera, not fixed up at all. If I get around to playing with some I'll share that later. It's just fun to get out there and take some photographs and see new things in San Antonio. I think we'll have field trips more often! (although it really messes Micah up without a nap in the morning :( ).

This is a great location for portrait photography and would make a fantastic backdrop for bridal portraits (and there was a bride there being photographed). It made me want to shoot another wedding!!! I had fun using my fisheye lense too. I don't get many opportunities to use it but I'm glad I brought it along. I also used the zoom lense to get the cross on top of the church. Ah, I love photography. Okay, I'll let the photos do the talking now.Click here to see more photographs from the Mission.Just wanted to show that I was there too!

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