Saturday, October 25, 2008

quick story

On Wednesday, I took the kids to Walmart and then to the Library where they have a big playground. The library parking lot was packed because of early voting...and we almost had to turn around and go home. Naomi saw the swings and I then knew that turning around and going home was NOT an option. So after circling the parking lot four times we got a parking space right by the playground. So Naomi got to swing and go down the slide a few times and then it was time to go home. She was NOT having it and threw a fit. In order to get her to calm down a little bit I said that maybe we could go inside and get a book. But then I looked and couldn't find my library card. Not a good idea to tell Naomi you can do something without knowing for sure if you can do it or not. So, anyway by this time she was at the car and I had gotten Micah inside so I picked up my crying/screaming little girl and put her in her car seat. She just kept saying, "me want library books" (although the word library was hardly understandable). The whole way home she kept saying that and crying. When we were just about home she turned it into a song. She started singing it to the tune of the second line in twinkle, twinkle little star. I'll give you a moment to get the melody in your head...

okay, here's what she sang.

how I wonder where my library books are.

Wow! I just had to laugh. She's pretty smart and pretty creative. Just had to share!

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