Thursday, October 23, 2008

pumpkin "patch"

We went to the pumpkin "patch" with our MOPS@ group this morning. There were five of us that brought our kids...eight kids total. The "patch" is the lawn of a church, they get pumpkins delivered by the truck loads and then have the patch open every day till Halloween starting the middle of October. A lot of Methodist churches in the area do this fundraiser for their church. The actual pumpkin patches are about an hour away for the closest one. The weather was very fall like so that was nice. Micah and Naomi probably should have been wearing pants but I thought it was going to get warmer faster than it really did (it was in the low 60's, so it's not like we were freezing!). Don't worry I had a blanket for Micah so he didn't get too cold! Naomi didn't want to take a pumpkin home so we didn't buy one (she got one from Walmart about two weeks ago...and it's almost gone...yucky!). We went to the park after the pumpkin patch and enjoyed lots of swinging and sliding. You can see a bunch of pictures from our trip here.

Nap time is starting to get a little better. She only got out of bed four times today and yesterday and slept for an hour both days. The problem is, I feel that I really have to wear her out in the morning and usually that involves going somewhere and doing something but then Micah doesn't get his normal morning nap. Ah...what to do, what to do! Any suggestions are welcome ones!

I took some pics of the kiddos in their Halloween shirts today too, so hopefully I'll get those up here soon too! Have a great night!

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