Friday, October 24, 2008

naomi quotes

"What ja doin?"

asked repeatedly throughout the day and to anyone who happens to be around even when walking through stores she asks complete strangers. The good thing is, people think she said "how ja doin?" and they respond appropriately to that question instead, so she looks polite and not nosey! ha!

"I wanna see him"

This means that she wants to see (whoever "him" is at the moment) their eyes or it doesn't count.

"I wanna hold you"

This means that she wants to be held by you.

"Daddy (or mommy) get down too"

This means that she wants us to get off the couch or out of bed and play with her.

"It's soooo good"

She said this tonight as she was licking ketchup off her french fries. It just struck me as funny. Thanks for getting her hooked on ketchup grammy ;)

"I'm sweet", "I'm pretty", and "I'm funny"

Spoken at random times and to random people...she's so vain! ha! Not really, but she does hear us tell her that a lot so it's no wonder she repeats it. It's really fun too when she calls Micah funny...she goes, "he's so funny"

There are more but I cannot recall them at this moment. I'll add to the list as I remember them.

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