Friday, October 24, 2008

halloween shirts

I'm not one to buy "Baby's 1st" items. Like, the baby's 1st halloween shirt that I bought, or baby's 1st Thanksgiving shirts, or Christmas shirts (ornaments are okay) get the idea. They just seem pointless to me (and a bit of a waste of money). But, I did this year. I bought Micah the Baby's 1st Halloween shirt. I know the shirt will be useless at the end of the month and no one may ever wear it again (however it will make a nice undershirt since it's white) but I just had too because I got one for baby Joshua too when he was born. You can see the pictures of Micah and Joshua wearing the shirts at the pumpkin patch if you want to see the matchy matchy boys! Anyway, Amy found Sophia's shirt from last Halloween and I put it on was just a little small but worked okay for some cute "Halloween" pictures. This is not something that I would normally do because I don't really buy the "holiday" clothes that are so apparently for one specific holiday, but it was fun to do this time! I thought rather than make you wait till Halloween to see the photos from our mini photo shoot that I'd post them now, since I'd probably forget by then anyway...and then you'll want to see them in their costumes! Here they are...enjoy!LOVE this funny and so not staged! I mean really, how can you stage that. I just got lucky when I pressed the button.
Not a great shot of Naomi but I just LOVE Micah's blue eyes in this one!

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